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The organic whole food and regional wine movement in America is robust and unique to its regions. While everyone remembers their favorite seasonal foods and wines—there are more things to discover from award winning Chef Judith Henderson at Wine & Country Living like Judith's recently published cookbook, "Edge of The Plate, Making Humble Food Into Something Wonderful," sold through  Also, there are kitchen craft tips, a webcast featuring a seasonal photo, recipe and wine pairing, a schedule of talks and demonstrations, meet & greets, classes taught in sautee, bread and pasta making, plus wine dinner events held in your area.

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Judith's goal at Wine & Country Living is to keep you plugged into the whole food and wine movement.  Did you know the term, "Great Northwest" includes California, Oregon and Washington States?  Yes, and fortunate for us, Chef specialize in this US region, its great wines and fresh foods, foragers, cheese makers, ranchers and fishermen keeping everyone interacting in a sustainable manner and your included! Look for Judith's monthly food and wine newspaper column, titled: Judith Henderson's "Wine & Country Living Discovering Our Regional Foods & Wine Pairings," published in north western newspapers and magazines.  

Farmer's Market's~Saturday's Popup Dinners~Catering

Get acquainted with the bounty of fresh food options in your Region.  Visit a Farmers Market and ask the questions, "how was my food raised, do you use GMO seeds or pesticides, are these eggs from range free organic chickens?"  These questions are important and will help you discover the way you think and eat food today. Catering available for items shown and more: ask for a full menu.  Join Chef Judith Henderson's "Saturday Pop-Up Dinners," held the third Saturday of every month. Reservations require one month in advance: 

Call 509-520-8748 for your seat.  

Quarterly Recipe ~ Food Photos ~ Coming Events

Glazed Tofu Wild Cherry Salad

Warm Tofu Glazed in Honey-Balsamic Dried Cherries

A salad entree of fresh cut tofu, red onion and dried cherries glazed in Warm Honey Ginger Soy Balsamic Dressing, downed in organic tender greens. Pair with a cherried Merlot red wine.

Layered Soft Pate & Edible Flowers

A summer wine tasting room favorite paired with any wine, the two layered soft farm pate studded in flowers, nuts and dried fruits is superb!

Lavendar Blueberry Soft Farm Pate

Farm Cheese Pate of gorgonzola, Nufetchel and mascarpone cheese, studded in dried blues, crystallized ginger, herbs, lavender & lemon curd, best paired with an aromatic white Riesling wine.

Curried Corn Scallop Bisque

A soup so rich it sticks to the ribs, perfectly paired with a white Fume Blanc with its wisp of sea salt and alluring smokey essence.

Latino Szechuan Stir-Fry

Complex vegetarian dish, exotic asian-latino flavors, cracked garlic, seasonal vegetables, golden corn pasta, oozing feta, flecked wild rice.  Pair with a Chianti red wine, a little rough puddling the tongue in a cayenne chili nuance.

Mr. Wonderful Coco Cake

Mr. Wonderful, is all that!  A flourless cocoa cake with hazelnut frosting, delightful paired with a dandy Bordeaux or cherry cider pictured here.